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About the Artist

   I can still recall my first smell of linseed oil and distilled turpentine over 25 years ago. I was 15 years of age and was working into the night to finish my first ever oil in time for the art exam deadline. Something connected deep down in me somehow and I dreamed that one day I would make painiting my vocation. Encouraged by my art teacher at school I applied to Art College. I then went on to complete a degree in Fine Art at Loughborough Art College.


   In 2001 I was fortunate enough to have my work exhibited at one of the countries leading representational art galleries. The demand for my painting took me by surprise and I was able to see the quality and value of my work increase quite rapidly. This gave me the confidence to commit fully to what I had always dreamt of, which was to paint for a living.


I have been a full time artist now since 2002 and it’s a real joy and privilege to make a living out of something that I truly love to do.